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Identify the best match for your technology using Q's platform

Leverage the Power of Machine Learning & AI to fill your commercial pipeline

Discover your next profitable client using an AI powered matchmaking platform for tech ventures

• Identify and develop your company's commercial pipeline by accessing markets and blue-chip companies business intelligence


• Enhance your value proposition by micro-targeting new verticals using AI, the output being a customer-facing pitch

• Q's database includes environmental ratings and unlocks actionable intelligence, across both accounts & industries (covering
 environmental and procurement strategies as well as financials)

 • Disseminate information within your organisation from Q’s cloud-native platform, including stakeholders mapping

• Action plans and sales forecasts made easy with our comprehensive frameworks


If you feel that CRMs are not providing sufficient value for your prospecting needs, give Q a try.

Q is filling the gap between market-research and CRM


Unleash Actionable Knowledge from Structured Commercial Account Information

Experience the power of q.prospect as it structures, stores, and presents commercial account information online, enriching it to extract invaluable actionable knowledge

Maximize Your Resources: Streamline Account Identification and Conversion
Don't let limited resources hold you back from acquiring new accounts efficiently, leverage q.prospect's templates, workflow and data intelligence

Elevate Your Commercial Team: Smart Qualification and Valuation for a Streamlined Sales Funnel

Give your commercial team the smart tools they deserve to qualify and value new accounts, ensuring a replenished sales funnel with a process that provides live data across your organisation.

Using cutting-edge AI technology, our  elevator pitch generator is intelligently crafted to captivate prospects, drive engagement, and close deals with unparalleled precision

With our AI-powered pitch creation, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on crafting the perfect elevator pitch. Combining q.prospect database with your data from the field, q.p generates compelling pitches, allowing sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals. Increase productivity and sales success with q.p tool and database (market trends, and customer preferences)

Sales forecasts are labour intensive and often not data driven 

q.p delivers Data-Driven Forecasts and Streamlines Strategic Decision-Making. With built-in forecasting capabilities, our software simplifies the process, allowing your team to effortlessly adjust forecasts as needed, enabling more accurate and agile decision-making

BEFORE q.prospect:

- The need for data analysts can be costly and requires extensive training

- The purchase of market research can be costly for information that is quickly out-of-date

- CEOs define a top-down strategy relying on information that may not be backed up by data

- Commercial teams experience a discrepancy between the high level strategy and the reality of the market.

WITH q.prospect:

- Relevant data is provided in real-time and formatted to add value to the users across the organisation


- Stakeholders can focus on their core activities rather than data collection, formatting, interpretation and reporting

- The entire organisation bases its decisions on the same dataset, optimised to provide important insights

- Customer-facing staff perform fewer repetitive tasks

- There is an efficient and automated standard in the organisation for financial reporting and prospect valuation. 

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